May 6th, 2014

After Seven Years

The chief value of a foreword is the opportunity it offers for disclaimers.
Hence I wish to make clear what this book is not. It does not claim to be a .history of the past seven crucial years. It is. not a treatise
on economics, politics or political philosophy. It is not the biography of any public figure. It is the account of political events as I saw them,
of what those events signified as I understood them, and of my opinions of them as I·was able to form and express opinions.· It is based
upon my notes, memoranda, documents, my daily journal and other fir~t-hand material. If, in the broad history of these times, it serves as a
footnote, I am content.

This book was not hastily written, nor was its publication decided upon without a full consideration of all the factors involved. It could
not have been written and published sooner because, in many cases, judgments had to wait upon the unfolding of time and circumstance.
To publish it at some later date would, it seemed to me, lessen its modest value as a commentary upon contemporary problems and decisions.
An obligation to give to the public that which belongs to the public rests upon anyone who is privileged to participate in public
affairs. This obligation to that inexorable master, the public interest, I have tried to paywith all the candor, fairness, sincerity and authenticity
I could summon to my assistance. I do not apologize for frankness. I should feel like apologizing for anything short of it.


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